Cutting a Good Cut

“Billy Bond Cutter of Hair; It does what is says.” These are the words of Billy Bond herself, and they couldn’t be more accurate. From the salon’s no-frills, industrial interior to her own straight-talking manner, the name fits.

From the moment you step inside it’s clear that this is no ordinary hairdressers. On the table in the waiting area you won’t find any glossy magazines showcasing the latest trends, nor will your senses be overpowered by the strong smell of hair products. Instead, customers are greeted with the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and a few alternative publications – but these are for reading, not hair inspiration.

There’s a laid back vibe that is noticeably different from the crowded, chaotic hustle of many salons. Here, there’s always time. There’s also beer and wine on offer, which can only be a good thing. Billy says, “I wanted it to be a creative space. That’s why we don’t have many chairs. I suppose that’s probably not the best way to go about making money but then, it’s never really been about that for me… I just always wanted my own shop.”

Billy opened the salon 2 years ago. One year later her sister Molly moved into the adjacent property and opened Bunched Flowers florists, whilst Billy added Brow Club, founded and run by best friend Amy. “Amy and I have known each other for about 15 years. We went travelling together so it’s great to now be working together too.”

The closeness of the small team is no coincidence, everyone that works in the salon is a family friend, or friend of a friend, and the warmth between them is clear to see. “I completely trust all of them. I think the customers pick up on that and it makes them feel more comfortable too. Some hair salons can be quite intimidating places. Either way, you’re still trusting someone with scissors on your hair.”

I don’t think Billy’s customers have anything to worry about. With over 10 years experience after completing her training at Vidal Sassoon, she has had plenty of time to get to know her craft. This fact is most apparent in the personalised approach she takes with every customer, taking time to truly understand their likes, dislikes and what will be achievable for them in terms of upkeep when they go home.

“It’s about cutting a good cut. If the cut is good, you don’t need to mask it with excessive styling or lots of product. The customer should be able to easily replicate the same look when they go home.” This more natural approach to styling is consistent with the minimalist product range that the salon carries. Billy says, “We use a brand called 4th Floor, based in Clerkenwell and made in Italy. The range is limited to 5 styling products, all of which are sulphate free and have natural scents.”

For Leigh Life readers, Billy Bond is offering a free hair treatment when you book a blow dry and quote the code ‘Leigh Life Billy’. This offer is available until the 31st May 2017.

Billy Bond Cutter of Hair
105 Rectory Grove
T: 01702 808828
Instagram  @billybondcutterofhair
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