Donuts & Skate

Skate-wear and donuts. Not an obvious combination, but I dare anyone to say it doesn’t work. Inside June Store, alongside the beanies and vinyl records, sits a display of treats that would make any sweet-tooth weak at the knees. Made fresh every day, these super-soft flavour bombs come in all kinds of unusual varieties AND, as they’re baked rather than fried like most other donuts, they’re probably really healthy for you. Probably. Nom nom. To find out more, we caught up with store owner, David Watson.  

Who makes them?

Joe Smith, my partner in the store, is the pastry chef. We have a small kitchen just up the road where he makes the donuts. He delivers them to June Store each morning. Joe’s been continuously tweaking the original brioche recipe and puts in a lot of time and hard work making each and every donut perfect.

Why donuts and skate-wear?

Originally Joe and I were going to open solely a skateboarding and clothing store. Joe had been experimenting with making donuts for a while. We knew we had something special, so we decided to make it a stand alone brand (LOS Donuts) and have them in store alongside Climpson & Sons coffee. As donuts originated in the states they sit really well with all the U.S clothing brands we stock.

Where does the flavour inspiration come from?

We tend to throw ideas around. Joe makes samples daily. We, along with our regulars, try them (tough work). Good feedback decides which special we’ll run the next week… we’ve had some tasty ones lately. I would say that our Caramel Glaze, Pecan and Belgian Chocolate donut has been one of our most popular flavours recently. Pistachio and lemon glaze is very popular too.

What’s been your strangest flavour combo?

Apple Cider Glaze was a good one, we had that in for a week. Peanut butter & bacon is a staple in store – seems like a strange combo but it works perfectly together, salty and sweet! Everyone that’s brave enough to try it loves it.

What’s new for Spring?

We’ll be bringing in some simple glazed donuts that sit well with our coffee; Mocha Glaze and the Marshmallow Glaze are amazing. We’ve also just launched Big Boy Bagels in store, which have been going down a treat so far.

LOS Donuts / June Store
125 Broadway
T: 01702 480062
Instagram @losdonuts
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