P.E.M.F Pain Relief Treatment Explained

I often think that we are lucky to live in such interesting times when it comes to technological and medical advancements. After speaking with Mike Watson and Julie Watson, owners of at Leigh Sanctuary Day Spa, I felt this even more so. I visited them to learn about P.E.M.F treatment and try it out for myself. 

Despite being a relatively new treatment and business focus at the Sanctuary, the list of ailments and injuries that P.E.M.F has been known to treat is vast, ranging from headaches to respiratory conditions, to muscular injuries. It sounds too good to be true – how could one treatment benefit such varying issues? Mike explains,

“The P.E.M.F machine uses electromagnetic fields. It reduces pain and inflammation in the body by increasing circulation and oxygenation of the blood and other tissue. Not only does this promote healing in injured areas but it can simultaneously improve sleep quality, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, the uptake of nutrients, and promote cellular regeneration and detoxification.”

Mike is himself a convert, having used the treatment to aid his recovery from of number of quite serious injuries, including a broken collar bone, back aches and arthritis in various joints. Since Leigh Sanctuary Day Spa started offering the treatment 3 months ago, he has seen a number of patients benefit greatly. He says,

“An interesting area has been in seeing improved mobility in some of our older patients. We had a patient who struggled to feed herself, due to decreased mobility in her arms. Following the treatment, just as she was leaving, she scratched her nose, only afterwards realising what she had done. The P.E.M.F had restored that arm bending movement.”

Whilst at the spa I was fortunate enough to meet one of Mike’s clients myself. She was returning for her third treatment, having seen a significant improvement in the symptoms of her severe respiratory conditions. She told me, “Normally I would be struggling to speak with you. My conditions mean that I can’t get enough air into my lungs. It’s very debilitating. Before the P.E.M.F I would struggle to even walk around but I noticed an improvement after the very first treatment and I’m continuing to get better and better, walking up to 3 miles every day.”

I wanted to try this miracle machine out for myself. For the past couple of years I’ve struggled with a recurring sports injury to my right knee, which has limited my ability to run beyond around 5 kilometres. Lying on the matt, Mike demonstrated the strength of the electromagnetic fields that were being pulsed through my body by getting me to hold a magnet and witness the vigorous strength with which it moved. Physically, I couldn’t feel anything but clearly something quite powerful was happening. The results? I’ve not experienced the same injury since, and have since run further than I have done in years. I have to admit, I’m a convert too. After all, now I have another excuse to visit Leigh Sanctuary Day Spa…

Perhaps next time I’ll also indulge in something from their extensive treatment menu, including manicures and pedicures, reflexology, massages, high definition brows, waxing, facials and plenty more.

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