Pet Food: The Raw Truth

Leigh-on-sea is a town of avid dog lovers and we all want the best for our furry friends. It’s no secret that the key to a healthy, happy pooch is a good diet and plenty of exercise but, with so many different brands of pet food out there, it can be hard to know what is best. Alan and Angela Clary, owners of Bubbles Pet Care, started their business for exactly this reason. They struggled to find high quality dog food for their adorable rescue, Bubbles – whom their shop is named after. When they first brought her home she weighed just 17kg with a dull coat and extremely doggy odour.

A healthy diet would be essential in increasing her weight and improving her general health, so Alan and Angela began to research the best solution. They were shocked to discover that many of the pet food brands claiming to be healthy weren’t at all what they seemed.

Alan says,  “The health claims of mainstream pet foods are, at best, tenuous and, at worst, downright misleading. Phrases such as ‘Complete Nutrition’ and ‘Healthy Vitality’ are purely advertiser speak and tell you very little about the quality of food in the bag. It is necessary to see through the rhetoric and read the ingredients label to decide on the contents.” The percentage of actual meat is a particular point of concern – labels claiming ‘with chicken’ are only legally obliged to include 4% of chicken, whilst foods claiming to be ‘rich in chicken’ are only required to include 14%. The word ‘derivative’ should also sound alarm bells, as this term can be used to cover up cheap, inappropriate ingredients.

Alan and Angela are dedicated to only selling high quality pet food in their shop and are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to doggy diets. “When we opened our first shop in Ongar we immediately discontinued some poorer quality foods, against advice from other ‘experienced’ pet shop owners. We were determined to stick to our principles and values. It took a good while to gain traction but eventually, people started to see the difference in their pets and word of mouth spread quickly. By the time we opened in Leigh we were reassured that pet owners were, like us, concerned about diet and dissatisfied with the commercial products seen in supermarkets.”

Bubbles Pet Care particularly recommends feeding raw meat, with many customers converting to a raw diet following a dramatic improvement in their dog’s health after just a short trial period. Alan explains, “All the world’s dogs have been selectively bred from domesticated wolves over many millennia. However, despite the difference in the outward appearance of the different breeds, their digestive tract, stomach acid PH etc. are still identical to that of their ancestors; they all have  a digestive system that has evolved to eat, and extract the best from, raw meat. Digestibility of a raw diet is far higher than commercially produced dry foods, resulting in fewer stools, less doggy odour, improved skin and coat condition, and fewer problems such as paw chewing, itchy skin and ear infections – all of which have been linked to poor diet.

So what happened to Bubbles the rescue? Well, she now weighs a healthy 35kg and continues to be an active member of Alan and Angela’s family – another happy customer.

Bubbles Pet Care
38 Broadway
T: 01702 831286


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