Reinventing the Centrepiece

With minimalist, Scandinavian inspired, styles becoming increasing popular in our homes, it can be hard to come up with Christmas decor ideas that fit in with the beautiful, raw simplicity of this look. Not to worry. If you’re more driftwood and concrete than glitter and tinsel, we may have just the thing for you.

Bunched Flowers is no ordinary florists – let’s start there – and its offerings have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ about them too. Pots and vases in all different shapes and sizes line the walls, whilst one side of the shop is crammed with large leafy pot plants – like a miniature rainforest. Every inch of space is occupied by quirky, horticultural paraphernalia creating the feeling of being in Aladdin’s cave – if Aladdin were an interior stylist for Elle Decor.

A bare wreath (£25), propped up at the entrance to the store, offers an innovative and understated twist on a festive staple. It conjures up images of a giant bird’s nest plucked from an enchanted woodland; ethereal, rustic and romantic all at once.  Terrarium candle arrangements (£24) provide a minimalist alternative to the traditional centrepiece, with the added benefit of looking great long after the Christmas period is over. Don’t worry if you’re a serial plant murderer (like myself), these hardy little succulents only require one spritz of water to their soil, with a mister, once a week. Very low maintenance.

The large jar variety (£28)  is equally chic;  incorporate a little hint of your chosen Christmas colour scheme by tying a string bow around the top. Aside from the plants themselves, there is no shortage of covetable objects to be found here – lanterns, planters, leather aprons, even coffee table books.

A warning to all you minimalists out there – you might find yourself leaving Bunched Flowers with much more than you originally planned.

Bunched Flowers
107 Rectory Grove
T: 01702 808338
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