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Toast. If you think it’s a dry, boring, rushing-out-the-door kind of breakfast then Toppers & Toast will prove you wrong. Toppers & Toast is the ‘new kid on the block’ that has taken Leigh Road by storm, bursting onto the scene just a few short months ago with vibrant, fresh dishes that look as good as they taste. This stylish new café aims to make brunch the biggest thing since… well, since sliced bread; owner Abbie Hart explains. 

“The idea came from me living in Australia for 3 years, where the concept of brunch is a big thing. Everything on our menu can be eaten at any time of day and, aside from the bowls, everything we do is on toast. Our best seller is the Home Style, which is toast topped with smashed smashed avocado, poached egg, crispy bacon and our home made pesto.”

Wholesome fresh ingredients are at the heart of all the dishes; all of their produce is organic and the bread is sourced from a local supplier in Colchester. Abbie says, “We wanted a really dark rye bread to accompany the sourdough. Rye bread is very dense but it’s also the healthiest bread you can eat. For our coffees we offer every kind of milk alternative available on the market. I think we’re probably the only place in Leigh that stocks them all, but putting that extra little bit in really appeals to people.”

Abbie certainly seems to know how to get the customers in – everything from the styling of the shop, to the styling of food, to the stunning photos on their instagram has been carefully thought out. It’s no wonder that Toppers & Toast has drawn the attention of a number of bloggers.

Abbie says, “Although this is my first restaurant, I’ve grown up around hospitality. It’s what I enjoy. I wanted the café to have a girl’s touch but also to look a bit upmarket and a bit glam. It also needed to be clean and fresh. Leigh Road is slightly quieter than the Broadway so we needed something a bit different to entice people in. Bloggers like to come in and take pictures of the dishes, and of themselves in the cafe, which is great. Social media has really helped promote the business, each time we post we’ll have an extra 4 or 5 people throughout the day that will come in because of it.”

In the end though, it all comes down to the taste. Despite everything on the menu already being delicious, Abbie’s attention to detail means that’s she always looking to perfect it further, adapting the offerings to suit the changing season.

“Now that we’ve been open a couple of months we know what works. We’ve been listening to our customers and seeing what people are coming back for. We have people who come back 3 or 4 times a week for the same thing so I like to speak to them and find out what they like about us, but also what they think we can improve on. We’ve combined all of that feedback  into the new autumn menu.”

Toppers & Toast
202 Leigh Road
T: 01702 470777
Insta @toppersandtoast
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