Spring 2017 Tag

30 Apr

Parisian Chic

There’s a simple sophistication to Parisian style that makes it timelessly cool. Relaxed silhouettes, neutral shades and a ‘less is more’ attitude all contribute to it’s charm. Luckily, you don’t have to travel all the way to France to give your wardrobe some ‘je ne...

28 Apr

Cutting a Good Cut

“Billy Bond Cutter of Hair; It does what is says.” These are the words of Billy Bond herself, and they couldn’t be more accurate. From the salon’s no-frills, industrial interior to her own straight-talking manner, the name fits. From the moment you step inside it’s clear...

26 Apr

Donuts & Skate

Skate-wear and donuts. Not an obvious combination, but I dare anyone to say it doesn’t work. Inside June Store, alongside the beanies and vinyl records, sits a display of treats that would make any sweet-tooth weak at the knees. Made fresh every day, these super-soft...