Top 5 Winter Wines

As the holiday season approaches, our homes are filled with parties, welcome guests and probably a few unexpected ones too. To ensure that you always have the right tipple on hand, we’ve teamed up with wine specialists Vino Vero to bring you 5 wines that will make you look like a connoisseur every time. [Disclaimer: Leigh Life will not be held responsible for guests who won’t leave.]

Opened in 2013, the award winning wine shop specialises in wines from small, family run producers from around the world – as well as craft beers and artisan spirits. It’s run by husband and wife duo, Charlie (from Wales) and Sam (from Leigh-on-sea), a self proclaimed ‘real life Gavin and Stacey’.  As well as being able to purchase and taste all of the wines mentioned here at Vino Vero, you can also attend one of their popular tasting events. Tickets sell out quickly, so join the Vino Vero mailing list to ensure you don’t miss out.

#1 Making Mulled Wine
Vinvita Sangiovese – £7.25

If you’re going to be putting a lot of spices and orange into a wine, you don’t want anything too expensive – although we’d always recommend not going too cheap, otherwise the finished result can be quite bitter. We’d recommend our Vinvita Sangiovese, from the Veneto region in Italy. Easy drinking, smooth, fruity and although great on its own, would also make lovely mulled wine.

#2 With a Hearty Meal
Les Eminades ‘Sortilege’, Saint Chinian, Languedoc – on offer at £14.95 (was £17.95)

This is an exclusive wine that we import direct from the best winemaker in Saint-Chinian. It’s full bodied, packed full of dark fruits and a touch of cocoa from it’s time in oak. A brilliant match with roast beef or wintry stews.

#3 Around the Cheeseboard
Niepoort ‘Senior Tawny’ Port – £20.95

Contrary to popular belief, wine and cheese is actually a really tricky match, and it depends on what sort of cheese it is as to what wine it would match with. The best all-round choice would be Port. Niepoort is one of the last standing family run Port producers. Dirk Niepoort heads the winemaking and is hands down one of the best winemakers in the world. This tawny port has an average of 8-10 years in large oak barrels called ‘pipes’. The time in oak oxidises the wine, making it tawny brown in colour and gives flavours of nuts and caramel.

#4 Impress the Guest
De Martino ‘Viejas Tinajas’ – £17.50

If you want to be REALLY on trend, grab an orange wine. These are white wines with an orange hue. The juice and white grape skins macerate together for anything up to a few weeks, similar to how red wine is made. The colour leeches out of the skins, making the wine orange in colour. Never the cheapest but always a talking point, they make spicy, interesting flavoured wines that go great with charcuterie. Ours is De Martino ‘Viejas Tinajas’ dry Muscat from the most exciting winemaking region in Chile, Itata.

#5 Best Value
Guy Allion Touraine Sauvignon Blanc – £10.95

The best value wines tend to be in areas next door well known winemaking names. Our Guy Allion Touraine Sauvignon Blanc is made just down the road from Sancerre and Pouilly Fume uses the same grape – Sauvignon Blanc – and has similar soils, but is around half the price to a similar quality wine from these expensive names. It’s concentrated and flavourful but has a great minerality and smokiness that is so often associated with Sancerre.

Vino Vero
110 Leigh Road
T: 01702 808 251
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