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Although it might not feel like it just yet, Spring has indeed arrived. With it comes warmer days and sunshine (or at least in theory). 

The dangers of overexposure to the sun are well known, but it’s protection for our skin that tends to get the most publicity. Our eyes, however,  are equally at risk. Mark Campbell of Broadway Opticians explains, “Prolonged or cumulative exposure to UV radiation can lead to damage. Particularly at risk are the cornea (photokeratitis), crystalline lens (cataracts) and the retina (macular degeneration). A good pair of sunglasses is essential to protect the eyes from the sun’s harmful ultra violet radiation.”

But not all sunglasses are made equal. Whilst your favourite pair of fashionable shades might look great, they may be providing little or no UV protection and putting your vision at risk.

Mark says, “British & European standards, (BS & CE) ensure that the frame and lens quality is compliant, and that the products have the essential UV protection. Unfortunately though, there are still poor quality sunglasses around. There’s not necessarily a particular symbol to look for to check that they’re safe either. The best advice would be to consult with your dispensing optician (or sales person) for their expertise. Ask them what features the particular pair of sunglasses has. For example, does it offer UV protection, is it a neutral filter and what is the tint category? Sunglasses are categorised between 0 to 4, where 0 is a very light tint, and 4 is very dark. The standard depth of tint, like the Rayban G15 lens, will be 3.”

Aside from offering frames from popular designer brands such as Rayban and Tom Ford, Broadway Opticians also stocks independent labels such as Modo and (recently acquired) Moscot. But there’s more to their sunglasses range than style alone, Broadway Opticians’ tailor made service ensures that every customer gets a lens that’s personal to their needs. Mark says, “It’s important to take into account what you you want the sunglasses for; general-wear, driving, for particular sports/hobbies like skiing or golf etc. In that way, you can be assured that your eyes have the best sun protection.”

Broadway Opticians offers speciality lenses such as polarised lenses, designed to eliminate the glare from horizontally reflected light (e.g. driving on a wet road on a sunny day) and back surface anti-reflection coatings that reduce the light and UV reflected into the eye from the back surface of the lens. Mark says, “There are also contrast tints for sports like golf and shooting. They enhance the vision, making object tracking so much easier. All of these options, and more, are available to tailor-make your prescription sunglasses as you choose.”

Since 2010, the Broadway Opticians team; Mark and Tracey Campbell and Paul Sayer, have been providing a quality, personal service to customers in Leigh-on-Sea. All three are qualified and registered opticians, “It’s a very rare occurrence, to have that many qualified people in one establishment. It means that whoever you might be dealing with will have the knowledge, experience and qualifications to fully understand the situation, and answer your questions.” Mark says.

As an independent business, Broadway Opticians also has the freedom to dispense frames, spectacle lenses and contact lenses from the most suitable supplier for each individual client’s needs. With extensive eye examinations, lasting at least 30 mins for adults, customers can rest assured that their prescription will be the perfect match.

Thinking of updating your eyewear for the coming season? You’re just in time. Mark says, “This season’s prescription sunglasses collection has just arrived, frame and sunglass lenses starting from £99. Our spectacles start from just £69 for frame with single vision lenses – and there’s always at least one promotion running. The current ones are on children’s 2nd pair of spectacles, and 30% off of Rodenstock’s reading lenses.”

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