What’s Wrecking Your Workout?

Kevin Cowdroy has worked as a personal trainer for nearly 20 years and, using his holistic approach, has seen many fitness success stories. He has also witnessed the common mistakes that hamper people’s progress. Follow his suggestions for a successful and sustainable journey to fitness.

Too Much Too Fast

A common issue is that clients push themselves too hard too soon, often resulting in injury. Progression is everything. Be patient, go at your own pace and don’t expect instant results. Don’t be too focussed on the scales, a lot happens within the body that you can’t see. The numbers might not change but you will be losing fat, gaining muscle and improving your strength, balance and stamina.


Another mistake is not taking time to recover. Stretching, hydration and good sleep are essential to your long term training – both physically and mentally. These things are often overlooked and result in clients burning themselves out and becoming overwhelmed.

Overcompensating in the Kitchen

A lot of people make the mistake of overcompensating for their workout by eating more than they normally would when they get home. Others will go to the opposite extreme and undertake unsustainable detoxes, becoming disillusioned with the whole process when they struggle to keep it up. My advice is to make small, simple changes like reducing sugar or alcohol, cook from scratch using fresh local ingredients and plan your meals ahead. Alternatively, at Platinum PT, we now provide a meal prep service and can deliver healthy meals from Whole Life Foods (based in Clements Arcade) directly to your home.

Time Management 

Often people quit because they’ve gotten busier and can no longer commit to a training schedule, so they stop altogether. Something is better than nothing and a lot can be achieved by just doing 10 minutes of exercise a day. By simply going for a walk in your lunch hour, rather than sitting at your desk, you can still get benefit.

Knowing Your ‘Why?’

It’s important to understand why you want to train and what your personal goal is. It might be to lose weight or tone up, but it also might be to take some time for yourself or to improve your mood. Once this is clear in your mind, you can use it to re-motivate yourself if you start to lose focus.

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