By: Francesca Quinn On: June 9, 2024 In: Uncategorized

As an avid surfer and kitesurfer, Paul Phillips has seen firsthand the devastating quantity of plastic pollution that ends up in our waters, not only at home but overseas in some of the most idyllic places on earth. Consequently, it’s something that he is conscious of in his professional life as owner of Chopp Hair Salon too.

When Paul launched Chopp’s own brand of haircare, recyclable glass packaging was an obvious choice. “Sustainability is something that more and more consumers are mindful of when choosing their haircare brands. Not only in the packaging but also in the products themselves. Harmful chemicals, sulphates and palm oil in haircare products find their way into our waters and are as detrimental to the environment as they are for your hair,” he says.

Chopp’s products contain none of these things. Made with high-quality natural ingredients like marula oil, shea butter and prickly pear seed oil, the Chopp range is a no-nasties, vegan and cruelty free alternative. It consists of 9 great products (Rejuvenating Shampoo, Replenishing Conditioner, Illuminating Oil, Blow Dry Balm, Clay, Cream, Paste, Fibre, and a Deep Repair Mask) and is gaining massive popularity not only amongst Chopp’s salon customers in Leigh but across the UK. My personal favourite is the Illuminating Oil; a moisturising frizz-fighter that can be applied to wet or dry hair to add radiance. They even offer a refill service; customers can return used glass bottles to be refilled at a discount.

“We’re working towards becoming a certified sustainable salon, whilst at the same time developing quality products that deliver fantastic results for our customers,” says Paul. You can purchase the Chopp range of haircare products online, at the Chopp salon or at The Local Merchants.

Rejuvenating Shampoo £22.50
Replenishing Conditioner £24
Illuminating Oil £40
Deep Repair Mask £30
Blow Dry Balm £27.50
Clay £23
Cream £23
Paste £23
Fibre £23
Face & Body Soap Bar £20

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